After the disintegration of the communist regimes and the merging of all stories (Fukuyama, 1992) during postmodernity (Jameson, 1991), the processes of hybridization of media genres were accelerated. On television, the rise of reality TV in the nineties consolidates the “cultural twist” towards sensationalism, transforming entertainment formats into a public space where the social dialectics of globalization are displayed (Corner, 1996). At the end of the decade, Internet’s expansion consolidates both trends through the progressive approach between information and fiction that increasingly characterizes TV representations.

During the first decade of the XXI century, concepts like “television of formats”, “post-network era” or “post-television” are often used to describe the challenge to lineal TV that audiovisual dissemination through multiple platforms, expansion of content providers (Netflix, Hulu…) and multiscreen consumption represents. Nevertheless, the alliance with Internet not only has strengthen television but it is also leading to a “re-invention” (Turner, 2015) meant to compensate the loss of centrality with the renovation of content. On the “age of storytelling” (Salmon, 2006) the narratives of television merge and lead to the representation possible worlds barely real. The expansion of such worlds through transmedia processes is a key element in the transformation of audiovisual media.

The aim of this conference is to examine the evolution of the different television genres and formats from the point of view of the increasing feedback between the expressive resources of fiction and the information content that characterizes current television. The different sections of the call for papers are designed in order to accommodate the different perspectives about hybridization of contents of contemporary TV: from formats to genres, from discourses to other kinds of transmedia processes that are renewing the concept of lineal television.


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